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Limb Revascularization

Restoration of blood flow by surgical methods (Limb Revascularization) is done to improve blood flow in the feet for patients with Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI). Proposed solution is a low-

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Flap Monitoring

In microsurgery, there is a demand for more reliable methods of postoperative monitoring of free flaps, especially with regard to tissue threatening obstructions of the feeding arteries

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Finger Implants

Fingertip replantation is a technical challenge for microsurgeons. For successful fingertip replantation, it is important to monitor the replanted fingertip vascularity for the early

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Helping doctors to predict healing outcome

Current assessment method is based on visual inspection by the doctor and is highly subjective and is not statistically reliable, and based on the length, width & depth of the wound. It’s difficult to quantify and monitor the healing progress of the wounds.

Chronic wounds are difficult to monitor healing progression