Restoration of blood flow by surgical methods (Limb Revascularization) is done to improve blood flow in the feet for patients with Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI).

Appropriate assessment of the severity of limb ischaemiaand the effectiveness of revascularisation is necessary formanagement of patients with peripheral arterial disease(PAD).

Our solution is a low-cost, portable, imaging point-of-care assessment device which helps to quantify and monitor dynamic changes in blood flow in the feet of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) patients.
Our technology includes a novel imaging system, to calculates amount of blood flowing to cutaneous tissue of the foot, and an Artificial Neural Network, which grades wound-severity into mild, moderate or severe based on the blood flow difference before and after surgery.

Collected data can be trained to track and predict healing potential of a wound based on patient’s historic data. We use AI to predict expected healing time and to classify between healing and non-healing wounds. Device can be used by the doctor to judge the effect of revascularization to avoid unnecessary surgeries which leads to decreased treatment costs.