Wound Healing Analysis & Prediction (WHAP) Device

Our innovation is a portable imaging diagnostic device for non-invasive wound assessment, based on various biological properties such microvascular blood flow, tissue perfusion, oxygen saturation at the wound surface to determine the healing progress and early prediction of healing outcome.

The device is intended to be used by clinicians, nurses, and healthcare workers, in all settings. It is intended to be used not only for diagnosis, but also prognosis. The device will give a set of quantitative assessments to greatly improve upon current method of assessment.


Fast contact-free measurements.

No dependence on fluorescent dyes (e.g., ICG) and their distribution in the body.

Representation of blood flow measured values as a pseudo color-coded image.

False colour images blood flow distribution and tissue perfusion.

Functional analysis & quantification of the measured values within the captured image area.

Unique, highly integrated system with imaging system &analysis software.

No laser radiation.


Improve the quality of point-of-carewound assessment.

Pre-& post vascularassessment of tissue condition.

Evaluation of new or modified surgical approaches.

Time & cost efficient.

Minimal risk of infections & biological hazard through non-invasive measurement.